Ikoyi Prison, Lagos

4 Lessons from a Visit to Ikoyi Prison, Lagos

2. Stay away from Crime.

Crime does not and will never pay! A lot of times we are tempted to cut corners and negative peer pressure makes it easy and possible for one to go astray.

One thing you would clearly see in the face of some of the inmates is REGRET. Of course, some were looking extremely hardened while others appeared completely distraught but you get a general feeling of folks seeing that they had really made loads of mistakes in the past.

3. Hope against Hope

We got into the prayer chapel where the inmates were gathered and while the ministration was going on, there was an aura of hope. The prisoners will worship with their hands raised way above their heads and their eyes shut tightly, worshipping God in a way that proved that those of us around meant nothing.

Songs like;

Do something new in my life
Something new in my life I pray….

Made them fall on their knees earnestly praying, believing and trusting God that one day they will be set free and asked to go back home.

One impression this left on me is the fact that many of us that are free have little or no hope that all things are indeed working together for our good – we keep taking most things including the importance of staying thankful and hopeful for granted.

4. Be Prayerful

The reality is that some inmates, are actually what those who don’t understand that there is actually a devil seeking for whom to destroy call “victims of circumstances” while those who understand know that some cases are simply because the devil is out to thwart and destroy some destinies.

If you have not learnt anything from this post, I need you to learn to pray this short prayer:

Dear Lord, please order my footsteps at all times. May I not be at the wrong place at right time nor the right place at the wrong time. I want to be only at the right place at the right time, in Jesus name, Amen!

I say this simple prayer often because of the realisation that it’s indeed easy to get into trouble. So don’t think for one that it can’t be you but for grace…….. Some people are languishing is prisons today for crimes they know nothing about.


  • Stay out of trouble
  • Control your temper
  • Keeper away from vices
  • Turn to the Lord Jesus
  • Pray for yourself & family members
  • Keep the right association
  • Stay on the right side of the law
  • Live a life of utter contentment
  • Value your Freedom and protect it
  • Contribute to creating a free & just society
  • Trust God to direct your path today and always

I look forward to reading from you and please share this post. Gracia 🙂