4 Apps for Gmail to increase your productivity online

In this article, I present you 4 Apps for Gmail that will ultimately increase your productivity online.

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Gmail is a free email service provided by big G – as they are fondly called in the IM (internet marketing) parlance.  In case you don’t know big G is Google the search engine giant that has gradually turned into a collosus of some sort. Big G is  actually calling the shorts in almost anything valuable online excluding social media. Have you heard of the new Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebook (Arctic White)*? It is strictly designed and manufactured for use online – Google hopes to make your internet experience faster and smoother with this machine. (* affiliate links) 

In my opinion, yahoo has lost it, when it comes to providing email services, they sadly don’t have the sort of safeguards Gmail currently has to fight SPAM and prevent it from reaching your inbox. Why do you think yahoo’s CEO, Carol Bartz was dismissed? I suggest you go open a gmail account today!

Below are 4 Apps for Gmail that I recommend

  1. Offline Google Mail
  2. Rapportive
  3. Unsubscribe
  4. Boomerang

1. Offline Google Mail Apps for Gmail

This is a Gmail app built to support offline access, allowing mail to be read, responded to, searched and archived without network access.

After first start-up, Gmail Offline will automatically synchronize messages and queued actions anytime Chrome is running and an Internet connection is available. More than just an offline app, the streamlined user interface, based off Gmail’s popular tablet interface, provides extremely fast response time with a pure, email focused experience.

To start Offline Gmail after installing, open a new tab in Chrome; In the new tab pane you will see a Gmail Offline Icon. Click on the icon, and Offline Gmail will load.

2. Rapportive.com apps for Gmail

This comes tops on my list because it instantly gives me a brief history or an online profile of anyone who sends me an email.

For instance: if I receive a mail from you@me.com Rapportive quickly checks online if that email account is associated with any social media profile anywhere online and if it finds one, it shows you all that information right in your Gmail inbox.

I receive hundreds of emails on a daily basis so you can imagine how cool this tool is for me. It saves me a lot of time because I instantly see and know the mail that deserves the most attention. I suggest you install rapportive Apps for Gmail right away.

3. Unsubscribe.me apps for Gmail

Unsubscribe is a browser extension which monitors your Social Networks, helping you make decisions about which applications are trustworthy and safe.

This cool apps for Gmail adds a little “unsubscribe” button to your inbox allowing you to unsubscribe from any mailing list(s) and unwanted newsletters with the click of a button.

Unsubscribe ensures that such email addresses are unable to send you emails ever again until you decide otherwise. Open an unsubscribe.me account today and please don’t use this on me (laughs!)

Below is the welcome email I recieved when I signed up for the unsubscribe service;


Congratulations cfagbata @ gmail.com!

We’re ready to help you clean up your social network connections and get rid of your unwanted email. To start monitoring and protecting your personal information on your social networks, click here. To begin removing that unwanted email, either forward it to mail@unsubscribe.com or use one of our Unsubscribe buttons which you can download here.


4. Boomerang apps for Gmail

Boomerang can help you;

  1. Remember to pay bills
  2. Schedule birthday/holiday notes when you have time to write them
  3. Make sure you follow up with a sales lead
  4. Communicate with people in different time zones
  5. Clear out travel confirmation emails, returning them on the day of your trip and lots more!

This plugin will turn your gmail account to a one-man marketing and follow-up Ninja.

Note that there are hundreds of thousands of apps out there, I have just shared the ones that have helped me tremendously and I am sure there are others I do not know about and I would love to learn. Kindly share any cool apps for gmail that will help increase one’s productivity online.

My hope is that you make the most of these cool apps for Gmail