Punch Newspaper: What Broadband Revolution Means to Nigeria [ICT Clinic Page]

A few years after the advent of the GSM revolution, a senior member of National Union of Road Transport Workers had lamented in a private conversation that transportation business on the interstate route from Lagos to other connecting towns had witnessed a significant drop.

This was because retailers and distributors who would previously have taken several trips to the seaport and factories in Lagos before their goods were finally ready for delivery, now made such confirmations on the telephone before making the single trip to complete the transactions, thus, resulting in fewer people travelling.

What Broadband Revolution Means to Nigeria

Whatever benefits derivable from the GSM technology pale into near triviality, compared to the potential offered by broadband revolution.

It would be like eulogising the coolness of the shade in a coconut plantation as compared to the actual wealth derivable from the palm trees.

This fact is demonstrated in the case of Ghana, where its GDP has increased by 0.3 per cent, following the country’s link to Main One submarine cables in October 2011, which increased its broadband penetration.

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