Google and Facebook May Disappear before the Year 2020!

When I started reading about the probable end of Google and Facebook, I was really disturbed. When I finished reading, I was a bit less perturbed because I was made to admit that, truly, similar dot-coms have really come and gone. Even some big ones are now disappearing unnoticeably.

The title above is never a fallacy or a guess. You will agree with this statement if I show you the source. The source is not mine; it is that of a dot-com which I, you and everyone don’t doubt what it says. A trusted website indeed…

I expect that you would want to know why Google and Facebook  may disappear before the year 2020 – starting from 2017. You can check the reason up with the link I provided below.

But wait! I want to remind you of an important thing that might not have come to your mind after reading that shocking title. I want to tell you because, like many other people, you may only think that you cannot do anything about a situation like this than being sympathetic. What a mess? You may express your concern like this to start pitying. What a message for me here? You are not likely to ask this question.

You would have noticed that on this blog, we do have breaks to consider coaching on life matters – i.e. matters beyond teaching you about how to make your website the number one in your niche on Google SERPs or how to optimize your online social advantages using Facebook or even how to viralize your marketing campaigns with YouTube videos. All these are important. The larger life we live is more important. This is why a post like this came to you as a reminder of some life-related phenomena you mustn’t forget or despise.

Google and Facebook May Disappear before the Year 2020!

Read that statement again. Can you deduce any life message from it? You should!

Consider the following points:

• Big companies may disappear!
• Expectations may be dashed!
• Someone always there may leave!
• Society in general may shift abruptly!
• Norms may become outdated!
• Laws can be altered or annulled!
• Trends may be no more!
• Things tagged “NEVER” may become ever so close to be!

Year 2017: The Beginning of the End of Google and Facebook?

I am not here to showcase the doom of Google and Facebook. I write to remind you that you will ever need to know what mechanisms you must have in place to bring the boom up under any gloom that may emerge and affect your life. What coping strategies will you be able to put in place to ensure that you are not pulled down because of a certain negating circumstances in your business, career, education, family and life in general?

Now, here is the link I promised above.

Check here to read why Google and Facebook may be no more.

Despite the points made about the end of Google and Facebook, I strongly believe that they will be able to strategize to maintain their flow. I strongly believe, you would as well in the face of challenges. However, you’ve got one thing to do…

Learn more always, to be more in the face of adversities.

To your success.