GovDocFiling Explains Payroll 101: How It Works

Payroll not only compensates employees, it also shows your appreciation for the incredible value they provide for your business. The payroll of any business creates a unique connection between employee and employer, encourages employees to work better, ensuring a more successful business. For a more human touch, offers a simplified way of applying for an EIN, registering your entity, or an effective payroll service that is available 24/7.

Aspects of Payroll

1. Paying Employees

  • Paying your employees – Pay employees by way of direct deposit to saving you time and money, and a trip to the bank for your employees.
  • Compensation packages – Build a comprehensive package for your employees with special bonuses, pre-tax benefits, health insurance, and perks. These are great incentives for your employees.
  • Scheduling payroll – Most businesses schedule their pay for every week, bi-weekly, or semi-monthly.

2. Paying Taxes

  • Employee taxes – You must withhold payroll and income taxes from your employees. This process can be complex for those without accounting experience. Either use a modern payroll service or employ the services of a qualified accountant to avoid any mistakes.
  • Employer taxes – In addition to payroll taxes, an employer has other taxes that must be determined and paid. Again, a payroll service or accountant is recommended.

3. Reporting to Government – Your employee statuses, and payroll tax withholdings and payments must be reported separately to the federal government, your state government, and your local government quarterly or yearly. The type of business and size of payroll typically determines reporting requirements. To avoid mistakes and stress, a payroll service or accountant can assist with this aspect of payroll.

In addition to these 3 aspects, employers must abide by different labor regulations. A qualified payroll service can help in this as well.

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