Punch Newspaper: How ICT can transform governance in Nigeria [ICT Clinic Page]

Facebook has well over a billion registered users and over 50 per cent including yours truly logging in at least once a day, with about 250 million of them accessing the platform throughout the world via their mobile devices at any given moment.

At any given minute, an average of five million comments are being posted; 1.3 million photos are being uploaded; about the same amount of messages are being sent, and about one million friend requests are being made; with more than a quarter of it being accepted within the same time frame.

Though the United States of America has the largest user base on Facebook with 155 million users, representing about 23.3 per cent of the US population, more than 70 per cent of the entire population of Facebook users are scattered across the globe. And you can virtually sift through this massive hive of information in a matter of seconds or minutes to locate friends, files and other information about or generated by other Facebook users from different parts of the world as one out of every 13 people on earth are on Facebook.

To accommodate the huge diversity of the Facebook community, the site has more than 70 different translations with about 300,000 people helping to translate the site through different translations applications.

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