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Improve Your Leadership With these Tips; Avoid the Tag of a Bad Boss

According to research, 90% of people, lack natural leadership skills, while 60% of employees are always on the verge, of exiting their organisations, due to bad leadership.

No leader wants to be ascribed to, as a bad boss, but regrettably, indications have shown that the number of the bad ones, clearly outnumbers the good ones.

This ugly issue can, however, be minimized, to increase employees’ retention and productivity, as well as, their general contribution to the success of the organisation.

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Here are 5 ways, to take your leadership, to a favourable level, with your employees:

Establish psychological safety

When there is, a common belief that, the team is safe, then, people will be all out, to take an interpersonal risk.

How do leaders respond, or react, to the mistakes made, by their employees?

Depending on the way you act, you may not be sending the right signals to them.

Any negative approach would create a psychological atmosphere that, appears unsafe.

A better approach should be to ask your employee, what he, or, she has learnt and how to improve on it.

This would work, rather than, an intimidating remark.

You should create a safe environment, for your employees, to make them feel safe, to take a risk.

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Listen to your employees

Do not think about responding to your employees, while they are speaking. Carefully, listen to them.

When you solicit their feedback you, easily, create a sense of loyalty and trust, around them.

They feel validated when employers listen to them and act, on their suggestions.


There is a professional and personal life. Sometimes, our life reflects what we experience, personally.

Taking time out, to perform self-reflection would launch you, into the realm of meditation, causing you to connect with your inner self.

You need to show signs of care and a positive outlook, towards your employees.

Build a growth mindset

With this mindset, you, unconsciously, create an atmosphere that, you are a work-in-progress.

With your focused attention, your capability, to take more charge, is increased.

This can guarantee that your leadership style is, a good one that, considers its employees.

Focus on strengths

Create an assessment guide that, will allow your employees to understand, what their natural talents are.

This assessment can, also, be employed by managers, to develop their followers’ talents, which will cause improved performance.

You can always avoid the bad boss tag.

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