Listen to CFA’s Interview on Radio Continental Breakfast Show Part 2

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Debbie: We process the video sharing platform. How can we make it and use it to our advantage and help us give information, tips on how to do just that. His name is CFA, Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr. Welcome once again.

CFA: Thank you.

Ayo: Before we went on the break we asked, how can I use this as a small-medium business owner? Can you please break it down for me? I own a restaurant, what does YouTube have to do with my restaurant? How can I use it? Or I own a car shop, how can I use YouTube? Or I own one of those supermarkets where you can just come in and buy bread, buy different thinks, how can I? Can you please break it down for these people?

CFA: Alright, I think I’ll use the restaurant part because I like to eat you know, I’ll use that. So the very first step you need to take is to own a Gmail account. Well, fortunately YouTube is owned by Google, it is tied to you having a Google account. First things first, you do register and own a Google account and then go to the process of registration. Once that is done, the very next thing is for you to understand the features. The basic feature you need to understand first is how to upload the video, which is very simple. Up on the menu, you will see “upload video” and that is all you need to do. Just click on it, then you would then choose the video. And when it comes to making a video, what do you need to do? You need to have a phone. For example, for someone who owns a restaurant you can think of an idea of a testimonial, like I mentioned earlier. But again, you can think of the next level and then show the process of how you go through to make your restaurant what it is. How you make your food, where you shop for your stuff, how clean and hygienic your area of meals are and then you could upload the video. Most of today’s TV also has USB ports, you could put a USB port and when your customers come in, a soft video can be playing in background showing the process you go through for what they are eating.

Ayo: Some banks do that now as well.

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CFA: Yeah, banks are beginning to do that now. There’s nothing stopping the small business from using most of the things these banks use because the truth of the matter is that everyone is in the business of marketing, whether online or offline, so you must understand that you need to market from Bluetooth. After making a video, you need to market the video; you need to advertise the video. People have to know that you have made a good video, then, you advertise it. I have a business review. Everyone is advertising their businesses. Everyone, when they send you emails, they leave a link to their video site and ask you to go watch the video. What some sites do is that they upload the video on YouTube and then they take the code and place it on their website so you can come to their website and watch it on their website, but it is still serviced by YouTube, while others host the videos themselves, but I don’t recommend that for small businesses. I mean, there is no need for the small business to do that. In small businesses, we can make the most of the features that YouTube has. And then there is an opportunity to make money with YouTube as well, but then you must do the very traffic to the video, the video must be interesting and must be exciting. I think the biggest video partners of Google in Africa are some Nigerian guys who are doing Nollywood, uploading Nollywood movies.

Ayo: We had someone on the show, whose TV showed now strictly on YouTube. He does not have it on TV. It’s uploaded on YouTube; all the different episodes every week are uploaded strictly on YouTube and not anywhere else.

CFA: Google is a very innovative company, they are innovative. There is something you call social video now. It simply means that you can put this on YouTube live, using Google Hangout. That’s their conversion of Skype. It is doing very well. You can make social video. People on YouTube are watching it; it isn’t like Skype that you have to be added to that group. For this one, all you need to do is just go to that YouTube channel, just get the link and go to the Google+ hangout and you begin to watch the videos, live as it goes on.

Ayo: So if you have a restaurant and you are having some sort of party, you can have people watch it from wherever they are.

CFA: They can watch it from United States, watch it from UK and see how the process is. See what is going on, so it means that family members who can’t travel down can watch the special moments live using social video. What the guys are doing is great, it’s a great innovation.

Ayo: Let us quickly move on to Facebook. Well we take a short break, but before that, Facebook has gone to 1.15 billion active users. We are not talking about people who are not active; active users. We have moved from YouTube. How do we market on Facebook? We will take a short break. When we come back, we are moving on to that. If you have any questions, add us on blackberry: 263D0241, or give us a call. We have CFA in the studio and he will be sharing a lot more with us.

Debbie: Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr. aka “CFA”. He is highly passionate about ICT, digital media, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, sales and marketing. And today we are definitely hoping that we would get something out of all this wealth of experience that he has had as we delve more into sales and marketing and how to use digital media to make it all happen. Now if we run through what we have discussed so far about how to use the video sharing platforms to optimize your marketing.

CFA: Well, videos are great. I want you listeners out there to understand and begin to embrace that videos are great. If you are going to make a video, keep your video short and simple, go straight to the point, try and use some of the video features on YouTube, try and promote your video, put your links on your email when you are talking to people, ask people to share your video. Generally, encourage people to share your video and then also optimize your video properly. If your videos are marketing, make sure you put and label marketing on the description, on the title. And then you can also include a screenshot of your site on videos too. You can actually upload some pictures on YouTube. And YouTube would…

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Ayo: Sorry for interrupting, can you give us an example of how to title? If you can give us a very vivid description.

CFA: I love sales and marketing. No doubt I love to market. And then, so I shot a video on 3 tips to market properly offline, not necessarily online. Then I go: Tip 1, Tip 2, and Tip 3. So when I’m uploading the video, if I save the video as “CFA”, that is what YouTube will name the video to be: CFA dot — depending on the file format I used. So change that and say “3 Tips to Marketing Offline”, put a description, write a short description. And then in the tags put SEO, write marketing, and write offline marketing. That is all you need to do and then save. That is a well optimized video. That is a contrast to just saving the video just the way it is, just saving it, no.

Ayo: So make sure the tags, you put.

Final Part Coming next week.