4 Lessons from Cristiano Ronaldo’s Stunt Video

One phrase I often hear from those in showbiz is that “no publicity is bad publicity” so I would very say that the popular stunt video by Cristiano Ronaldo is indeed very good for his personal brand and that of the customized monster headphones which is the real reason for the video.

The video was nice done and quite entertaining but it ministered to me different which is why you are reading this post.

Here are the 4 Lessons from Cristiano Ronaldo from my perspective:

Lesson 1: Believe in yourself

Although we did not get to see the faces of everyone who came across him exhibiting his talent in the open nor did we get to hear what they were saying but you bet some people may have called him names while others would have possibly asked him to go “get a life!”

All through the video, I saw a guy who believed in himself, trusted in his God ordained talent and kept doing what he loves.

Lesson 2: Be Bold

He was so sure of himself that he kept going out of his way to ask people to play with him, when one refuses he simply moved on to the next person because he was bold enough to show the world that truly he’s got talent and although no one was listening or showing that they were listening he was not deterred.

He kept at it!

Lessons from Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo in disguise.

Lesson 3: Deal with the Fear of Rejection

If you allow a few negative remarks or couple of rejections hold you back then you won’t go far in life. A lot of people said no to the guy but he kept at it. Did you see the girl in the video that said an outright loud “No” when he said give me your number – that could have been a sales pitch rejected or a prospective customer declining at the last-minute to write the cheque.

Lesson 4: A Door will Eventually Open

This is very true in most of life’s situations, if you keep at something long enough someone, somewhere would eventually say “let’s play ball.” This is exactly how I regard the two people that gave him a chance and played with him particularly the kid who eventually got the gift of the autographed ball.

These Lessons from Cristiano Ronaldo’s stunt video are very instructive for me and I hope you find them useful?

One big takeaway is what happens after you become successful all manner of people will then want to become your friend as you saw in the video – when the hidden star become none, the whole environment changed. If you allow only people who tell you only what you want to hear because you have become successful then you are in a big trouble.

A man who flatters his neighbor, spreads a net for his feet. Proverbs 29:5 (NKJV)

Enjoy and share 🙂