Punch Newspaper: Cyber crime and the future of the Internet (1) [ICT Clinic Page]

Experience has shown that advance fee fraud, which is also known as ‘419’ is a child’s play when compared with the cyber crime of today and the future.

It is a reality we must all face and live with. The only way anyone can be exempted is to move to remote part of Nigeria where there will be no need for ICT besides a TV or radio set. But as long as you choose to enjoy the benefits of ICT, then you are exposed.

Cyber crime and the future of the Internet (1)

A few days ago, the world was shocked to hear that hackers brought down the networks of three broadcasters and two banks in South Korea, a country that takes ICT matters seriously.
My initial thought was that this could have been Nigeria and how would we be able to manage such an attack? Do we have a regulatory framework to tackle such?

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